Bokning 8S80AA

>Bokning av 8S80AA< (endast för VRK-medlemmar)

Aktuella bokningar av 8S80AA under 2023
Upcoming activity of 8S80AA 2023

Date        UTC       Activity, mode       Operator

14 okt      1600-2359 Macrothen RTTY       SM5KRI
15 okt      1400-1800 SSA MT CW-SSB        SM5KRI
21 okt      1800-2400 JARTS WW RTTY HF     SM5KRI
22 okt      0600-2000 JARTS WW RTTY HF     SM5KRI

10 nov      0000-1200 General activity     SM5GMZ
12 nov      1200-1800 SSA MT SSB-CW        SM5KRI
16 nov      0600-1200 General activity     SM5GMZ
18 nov      1200-2359 LZ DX CW             SM5KRI

25-26 nov   0000-2359 CW WW DX Contest CW  SM5KRI

Can you guess

How many QSO have we done
so far with 8S80AA?


18 000 QSOs has been logged between
2023-Jan-02 and 2023-Nov-03