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Worked All Västerås

The WAV-award is available to amateurs and SWLs all over the world. To be eligible, points for radiocontacts
with amateurs in the Västerås area radiocontacts must be collected.

• All contacts must have been made after December 31, 1953.
• Each contact with a fi xed, portable or mobile station in the Västerås area (Commune U11) will
count one point for WAV.
• The same station may be worked on different bands and contact on each band counts one point.
• Contact with SK5AA and SK5BB, the club stations of Västerås Radioklubb, counts two (2) points.

Number of points needed for WAV is as follows:
Stations in Västerås area (U11) 40 p
Stations in OH, OZ, LA and SM 20 p
Stations in remainder Europe 10 p
Stations outside Europe (DX) 5 p

Endorsement will be given for single bands or modes. QSL-cards need not be sent.

Application for award
Application together with a list of claimed contacts, verified by two radio amateurs or an official club, specifying worked stations, date, band and mode, together with the fee of  $3 dollar or 3 euro or 30 Skr, should be sent to:

Award Manager, SM5LSM
Box 213
S-721 06 Västerås